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Trust – A Paradox

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“What drives the world?” Imagine being asked this question on a Sunday Morning, when you are contemplating whether it is absolutely necessary to wake up for breakfast or a direct lunch will be ‘just-fine’. Really what prompted me to ask this question to my roomie, I dont really know. I guess I was in this quasi philosophical mood… or plain jobless ans not sleepy too… Neways, even before he could open his eyes and his machinery ‘up there’ could start rolling, I started off…

Money? Well, it is a major factor, I agree. Accepted that it drives a lot of things today. Money and power have become synonymous infact. But then, can it really really drive us? I have my own doubts about that. I dont want to start off with the cliche and oft used statement that “money can buy you anything… but it cant…”. However, it does hold true in its own way.

Is it Love? I dont think so… I know that a lot of ppl will disagree with me on that… but then, ill rule it out because love is something that we all seek definitions and meanings of. And then there are these ‘prophets’ who can classify love into a hajjar categories… Conditional Love, Unconditional love… and lotsa other crap. I call it crap because, i doubt if there is anything like unconditional love… What we have for our parents is perhaps the closest thing to it… but then come on… get real… parents expect us to live their lives. i am not telling that they are unjustified in doing so… but then, hey there is a condition right??? 🙂 Basically, I feel every relationship is conditional… the thin line between emotional and practical people is how well they accept the condition! 🙂

Well, that still leaves our question open. I feel it is trust. Well, that is the only emotion that exists almost as long as life itself. (For all those who say Life is short, I wonder what is the other thing that you know of, which is longer than your life… You’ve been havin it since your birth and will have it till your death!). Ever since I was a kid, even before I knew what love was, I knew what trust was. Trust is holding your father’s lil finger while crossing the road. The trust that no vehicle will dare come near you, even though you are just 2 years old! Trust is lying down on your mother’s lap after a very tiring day. The trust that nobody, (not even your boss) can enter your territory now. Trust is your friend giving you his email id and password. The trust that you wont end up reading his personal mails… Well, a toddler begins to cry when he doesnt see his mother for sometime… and the reason is not because he is mature enough to realise that he loves her… but simply because his wall of trust seems to weaken in her absence. Time will make him trust you… and once he trusts you, he” cry if you are absent for a while too… I might not trust my neighbour, my colleague, my boss, my wife, my parents… but eventually it boils down to one thing… i ll trust myself! Face it! you cant find a person who doesnt trust anything… becasue in doing so, he trusts his judgement! Confusing? true!

The other day, I was lookin up for the meaning of the word ‘trust’. The verb means Confident Hope. Paradoxes side by side huh? Confident indicates surety, certainty, conviction and having no second thoughts. Hope on the other hand has an element of uncertainty to it. We hope for a miracle, although we know they dont exist. 🙂 I hope to lose weight… but then the proabability of me becoming a CEO of my cmpany is more realistic :-). Hope has always indicated caution and tentativeness… and a lot of praying work. However, ironically it is this comnitaion of opposites that goes on to create an emotion that, according to me, drives the world. Again this can be directly atributed to the fact that every moment, rather situation, i’d call it… is a paradox. And what adds to its beauty is the co-exisence of the opposites! Words, Ideas, thoughts might always be contradictory… but in the larger scheme of things, each would cease to exist without the other. Without hope, confidence dies… and without confidence, hope doesnt exist either! Well, as Sushan says… Life’s Tuff!!! 🙂



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