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Had a wonderful birth anniversary. Friends called from everywhere… Thanks everyone for calling. Yesterday, I read somewhere that as one grows old, it sucks to be forgotten. I am definitely not old… But when loved one’s call, remembering your birthday, celebrating the most important day of your life, the day your existence was defined, it makes one feel blessed, doesn’t it? Thank you guys! The day was perfect, in every sense of the word.

There were many best parts abt this birthday. The most important being that I was spending this birthday at home… After 8 years. That was the primary reason for my trip to Mumbai infact. A long vacation, with a birthday as an icing! (No vague indirect puns here).

Morning was sober. Afternoon, went for some Suit Shopping. Didn’t like any of the ready made ones, and decided to get one stiched. I loved the material, and the tailor is very reputed. So, hoping for a very smart suit indeed. Came back home to a wonderful surprise by the gang… They had sent a cake and D’s special touch of a rose. It was ammmazing. 🙂 So, after exactly 19 years, I got a chance to cut the cake with 6 year olders. 🙂 Neighbour’s kids Anika (aged 2), Vrinda (4) and Rishit (6/7) and Adarsh (8) came home within a record 10 minutes wishing me ‘Happy Birthday Bhaiyya’. Although, I am almost the Uncle Age now! 🙂 Cut the cake and got the cake smeared on my face by 6 year olds! 🙂 I am sure, the gang would have loved that! 🙂 THanks guys!

At 8:30, had an interview with Dr Lori Garnier of Queens University. The interview went good… The questions revolved aroung teams, and how to handle them. I am happy with the way the interview went, and am hoping for a favourable response. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Spent the evening with my family, replying to the scraps and wall messages in Orkut and Facebook respectively. Now, thinking of crashing… A wonderful birthday, and I am glad, I was remembered. Thank you guys. Meant a zillion! 🙂


Written by shivnarayan

Saturday, January 24, 2009 at 1:26 am

Posted in Admissions, Birthday, Life

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