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KurukSASTRA 09

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SASTRA’s inter-college fest KurukSASTRA is back. And has it become better or what!!

Last time, I was in college, judging a few events. I thought I would never feel the ampount of pride that I felt then for my alma mater. How wrong was I!!! This year, the theme of the cults is ‘Movies’ and the infrastructure is HUGE! The webpage is flashier, and the best part is (you won’t believe it) the LIVE STREAMING OF STAGE EVENTS!!!

Imagine watching the host performances LIVE sitting in the comfort of your bedroom. The feeling of pride just washes you away!!! Yesterday was the light music performance (where the competition was a tad disappointing) but it was amazing fun watching it live and commenting with fellow alumni. Today is the dance performance, and IF anyone sees this post before 6:30 p.m IST then please do not miss it. Click on the KS link . Click on the Live streaming option and viola! Watch and enjoy the performances. Tomorrow is the Pro-Night where a couple of famous singers from the Tamil Film Industry are going to be performing (and again we can watch it live).

Isn’t this awesome? I am proud of these kids, who seem to outclass us alums by sheer virtue of innovation. What we could not have thought possible 4 years back is looking outdated today. Technology is an ocean, and has the solution to everything. Its just about, where to find it! I am proud that my alma mater is churning out kids who are no longer purely academic, but creative in every sense of the term.

Where do I see KurukSASTRA 5 years from now? The rate at which it is embracing technology, all it needs some support from us Alums. A vision, a direction, and this can be big. Imagine how cool will it be if we alums could provide the infrastructure needed to stream every event. Imagine how cool will it be to watch the JAM finals live! How wonderful will it be if the debate finals were judged by a panel that spreads across 4 continents! And what a wonderful feeling would it be to say SASTRA Alumni present ‘KurukSASTRA 15’.

On a tangential plane, the alums need to regroup and give back to the institution what it needs. Ideas, Monetory assistance, support to faculty and students, guidance to kids. If we dont take this up… Who will?


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Saturday, February 28, 2009 at 1:13 pm

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Shri Rama Sena

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Did you know that Shree Rama’s Sena was called Vanara Sena (An Army of Monkeys). The current sena is rightly named in that sense!

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Friday, February 6, 2009 at 2:45 am

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When someone says friends are your pillar of strength, I am not sure if they realise how deep the statement is. I believe that friends complete you in every possible way. And that is the beauty of friendship. No one is born perfect. But, often, the people we interact with, with whom we share our lives, make up for our inherent inadequacies. Be it a fear of spiders, or a character flaw, people who matter, who share their lives with us complete us in so many dimensions that these inadequacies do not matter anymore. And in a lot of cases, they help us identify our shortcomings, embrace them and eventually overcome them. 

However one denies this, the basic trait that binds us together is our desire to be accepted, to be loved. And probably, one always seeks out for more and more friends because, with each new friend, one is protected even more. We might never attain perfection, but, friends help us get there. Parents, lovers, kins… we might give each relationship a new name. But, in its crudest form, it is friendship, isnt it?

I have been lucky to have friends who cover for me. Everytime I goof up. Sometimes its my parents, sometimes my sister, sometimes D, and most times, my friends. I enjoy living, because, I have people who put up with me. People for whom I matter! People who complete me. 

I don’t know what happens when you see death. But I belive that that last minute before one dies, his whole life passes in front of his eyes. And how perfect has he become at the end of the day. And the sense of fulfillment that one is filled with, knowing that one has led a life worth living, attained perfection… that sense is heaven.

The last 25 years give me confidence that I will reach experience heaven. When I have to reach there.


P.S. This post is inspired by a conversation I had with Biks recently.  Thanks Biks, for making me think too. 🙂

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Friday, February 6, 2009 at 12:42 am

On elections…

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It is expected that the current global crisis will see India and China emerge as economies that will take over the mantle from the US as principle drivers as the world economy. With the Lok Sabha elections right around the corner, it is clear that one of these 3 is going to lead us to the next era of governance.

Dr. Manmohan Singh: A politician who, for the first 3 years of his term was seen as a ‘Yes Man’ for Madam-ji. Honest, reliable, but in a party that embodies corruption in every level. It took him 4.5 years to realize that he has an inept home minister. A former professor of Delhi University and Jawaharlal University, he lacks one small thing that any leader needs. The Power to INSPIRE people.

Shri Lal Krishna Advani: As someone who understands the Mumbai Riots, every one knows what role Shri L K Advani played in killing so many innocents. Under the brand of Hindutva, he was a part of the ‘elite’ group that managed to successfully divide India into Hindus and Muslims. A hardliner, he lacks one thing that Shri A B Vajpayee had… The sense of well being that one got when we saw Vajpayee-ji. Someone who, under the name of Hindutva, has endorsed Godhra, Babri Masjid, the attacks on the christians might very well be the next Prime Minister of the country. Atleast, he will not resort to the vote bank politics that the Congress resorted to, with the whole reservation drama.

Mayawati: I hope I do not live to see this day! But this will come true eventually. She defines corruption, and will be our own Musharraf or even a Hitler for that matter. Except that she will be even more unpredictable., and will lead our country to the dark ages successfully! Currently, her MLAs have to just extort 50Lakh INR from UP citizens for her birthday. As a prime minister, she will ensure that we ALL pay the money, and the whole of India will have her statues in every nukkad!

Yes! The choice is between an uninspiring leader, a hardliner responsible for the degradation of the society, and an autocrat who does not know the G of Governance.

And we talk of becoming a super power!!!

God save us!!!

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Thursday, February 5, 2009 at 5:43 pm

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