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Blogging after ages…

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So, After forever, I finally have another blog. My blogspot has not been updated for a couple of centuries now . Funnily though, last week, I started blogging in MySpace as well.

Yesterday evening, Ammu told me that wordpress is a lot more blogg-able. So, I decided to check wordpress out, and I loved it, and viola! I had my own wordpress blog as well! 🙂

What I have decided is to maintain both the blogs. Update both the blogs in parallel, and possibly make myspace as my photo blog.

So, this is my space, and my attempt to put in words what I see. 🙂 The opinions are purely mine, and if your views differ, please post them as a comment.

More to follow.



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Wednesday, August 20, 2008 at 10:46 am

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