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Someone’s watching you…

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This weekend, I am home alone after a long time. Out of sheer boredom on a Friday evening, I was channel surfing and put on my favourite news channel to know whats happening in the country. Instead I see Shilpa Shetty giving gyaan on Prime Time News on (believe it or not!!!!) how to win the Big Boss!!! What a relevant piece of news, which I am sure the whole nation needed to know.

See, my blood pressure rises takes over when I see BULLSHIT on TV. And Reality Shows today are not helping the cause. I really don’t think the nation was interested in knowing that to survive in the Big Boss, one needs ‘to be yourself’. In which case Madam Shetty, its a miracle how you won the Big Brother!!! A super fake accent and this almost benign voice from a vampirish person, giving philosophy about Life! This is what CNN IBN has been reduced to!

The problem with boredom is, it arises curiosity after 15 minutes. And I was no different. I really wanted to see what is this Big Boss show all about. (I had not seen Big Boss 1). I was also wondering Shilpa Shetty had improved marginally as an actor. Boy! Was I in for some trouble!

So, I switched on Colours (the channel in which this show is being aired) and I see Madam Shetty sitting on this chair and spouting cheeseball lines with no conviction, making the Sun Music VJs look like experts in the art of ‘talking to the viewers’. The show by itself is cheap and voyeuristic in nature. So, Rahul Mahajan (god bless the man, for he has lost his way) and Sanjay Nirupam (A joke for an MP), and some Sambhavna female (the sluttish, vampish irritant) are having a very mature discussion about how many girlfriends Rahul Mahajan has. After that extremely profound conversation, Shilpa Shetty makes a few attempts at humour by showing Rahul Mahajan cleaning the bathroom floor. Is it just me, or was there nothing funny in that scene at all??? Well, for one full hour, Shilpa droned on and on putting up a plastic smile about the ‘house-mates’. And finally the omni-present voteout!!! Are people in India actually bored (or rich for that matter) enough to send SMS votes at 3 Rs per message? Shilpa tried to raise the suspense with all her acting skills (rather the lack of it!!!) and it was hilarious. Oh, her habit of telling ‘sooo sweet’ for the most irrelevant thing is probably more funnier than her failed attempts at humour!!! Ketaki Dave says, ‘ I miss my milk wala tea’ ans Shilpa Says ‘Sooo Sweeet!’. The politician says I am ready to be voted out, and Shilpa says, ‘Soooo Sweeet’…

Anyways the audience’s verdict (This is a show for the people, by the people and of the people, an epitome of democracy) was Sanjay Nirupam (the politician dude) had to leave the house!!! WHOA!!! What a result! Hitchcock could not have written a better thriller!!! And then this dude rambles on and on about how he wanted to be in the show just ‘to understand the mentality of the normal people who are not from his strata of life’ and that ‘he gave hints to his people from the show that he was no longer interested in being a part of that society, and that the cause of the aam admi is more important!!!’ Crap that made me shed silent tears!!!

You know, this sorry excuse for a show is getting extremely high TRPs. All reality shows cash upon the voyeuristic streak in us, and this show leads the way. As a nation, we have become obsessed with a sneek peek at the ‘life of others’. And that is sad. I forgot to mention the part of the show where SS was introducing the participants once again, and for each participant, a separate hindi song was being played. And they showed the part where Jade Goody was informed about her Cancer, they played the K3G’s title song. Is this how insensitive TV Channels have become? To actually cash in on someone else’s misery? And we, the so-called-educated middle class, are providing them the fodder for such insensitivity? I don’t mind reality shows like Fear Factor. But this… this is a sham which is a shame to us. The news channel actually had this broadcasted as Flash News once the show was over!!! The news channel have a responsibility to the people, and they are promoting sucnh a show! Accept it guys, we have become a nation of peeping toms. Someone is watching you!!



Written by shivnarayan

Saturday, August 23, 2008 at 2:00 pm